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TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar is powerful and a unique way for corporations to educate fundamentally honest employees who were raised with moral and ethical values.  It is easy to be moral and ethical when there are no pressures or circumstances to compel one to make difficult choices. This seminar will focus on a theme used at West Point to always strive to “take the harder right instead of the easier wrong” and will provide ways for individuals to cope with the pressures of life that can cloud judgment.

A retired FBI Special Agent who is a lawyer and trained in teaching ethics leads TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar.  Several convicted white-collar felons will participate as presenters, riveting the audience as they tell their stories and individuals see themselves. These “felons” are your roommate, neighbor, congregant, colleague, relative, but at some point in their career they took the “easier wrong” and altered the course of their lives forever.

This event answers questions such as:

  • How does Sarbanes-Oxley affect me?
  • Why corporate internal controls are critical?
  • What types of internal controls are necessary in deterring deviant behavior?
  • How can I make a difference in creating an ethical environment?
  • What are the consequences of unethical behavior?
  • What factors lead to unethical or even illegal actions?

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