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We offer a two or three hour presentation, depending on your needs, on fraud detection and prevention in addition to our ethics/anticorruption training seminar, Taking the Harder Right.  It is also a three dimensional program that discusses fraud from the perspective of Oliver Halle’s experience as an FBI agent who investigated it, and from Josh Kenyon and Diann Cattani who got caught up in it while working in government and the private sector respectively.  The seminar examines a variety of factors that can lead good people to engage in fraud and what corporate and government entities can do to help prevent it.  Also discussed are ways to identify potential fraudsters, controls that can be implemented and mechanisms that can be set up for people to report suspicious or unusual conduct.  The program also focuses on things that auditors can do in addition to an examination of financial records.

Much of this seminar is anecdotal and based on three perspectives.  It uses illustrations in discussing the Fraud Triangle - opportunity, pressure and rationalization.  Through these illustrations the audience will leave with a better understanding and sensitivity of how fraud can occur and that those committing fraud can be your closest friend, relative or star employee.  The ultimate goal is to prevent money from leaving your business or government entity - known better as Passive Income.

Both seminars, Taking the Harder Rightand Fraud Detection and Prevention are stand alone.  However, we offer them together as a morning and afternoon program at a discount.  Please feel free to contact Oliver Halle by email or telephone at 770.321.2778 for more information. 

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