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The ATLANTA JOURNAL & CONSTITUTION has written two stories about Oliver, Diann and Josh. Atlanta television station WSB/Channel 2 News also did a story of one of the seminars that Oliver and Diann did together.  In January 2005, Oliver appeared live on the syndicated radio broadcast, JOBTALK, hosted by Margo King.  The show was about ethics in the workplace and the seminars Oliver puts on with Josh and Diann. 

Some of the written evaluations and testimonials from participants in TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar include the following:

·        “It was the most high impact presentation I have ever had the privilege of hearing.”  A professor at Life College, Marietta, GA

·        “When I looked at my watch I could not believe that three hours had gone by.” A professor at Life College.

·        “The best ethics presentation I have ever seen and I have seen a lot.” A naval officer

·        “It must be so rewarding to touch so many lives. This was an invaluable experience for the students and faculty at Piedmont College.”  A professor at Piedmont College, Demorest, GA

·        “This was by far I think the best event our group has held.” An Atlanta attorney at an NYU Law and Business Schools gathering

·        “Several course critiques specifically mentioned you and your presentation as one of the high points of the course. Our facilitators noted that this module rarely receives the amount of positive feedback as received with your presentation.  Well Done!  Thank you for sharing your professional expertise and experience with us and for your support of the Naval Reserve.”  Commanding Officer, Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Atlanta, GA

·        “your seminar resulted in a student telling me that he was so impacted by it that he has since discontinued some things at his job that would have ultimately led to termination and possibly worse.”  A professor at the Mercer University Business School, Atlanta, GA

·        “Make the seminar longer.” Many students at Mercer University Business School, Life College and Wheeler High School, Marietta, GA

Get Off Easy Article

“Get Off Easy”

From the July 23rd, 2006
Marietta Daily Journal

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1. From a professor at Life University, Marietta, GA::  Mr. Halle, I want to express my gratitude for the outstanding seminar. It was the most high impact presentation I have ever had the privilege of hearing. The way you included the university climate was very good. Please convey to your associates a message of  an extremely well done job. One of the comments I heard after the seminar was over was, "How fast the time went by". Several people came dreading sitting for three hours and couldn't believe the time had gone by when it was over.

2. From a naval reserve captain:  Thank you for gracing our leadership class with your presentation.  Once again you were the talk of the weekend.  Our participants were impressed and affected by the program you presented. You were the subject of any number of break time conversations. On our end of course critique sheets I had comments like:  "should be a part of every ROLC class", "The best ethics presentation I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot".

3. From a lawyer who attended a short version of the program at an Atlanta chapter, New York University alumni event: This was by far the best event I think our group has held.  Oliver, if last night is any indication you are on the verge of building a very successful business.  Just today an employee benefits attorney here was telling me how businesses can decrease their exposure to sexual harassment claims by taking “reasonable” steps to train employees including putting on seminars.

4. From professor Dana Hermanson, Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA:  As I told Oliver during the second break tonight, I had very high expectations for your seminar, but even those expectations were far exceeded tonight.  The combination of Oliver's background and Diann's very personal sharing created a session that I will not forget.  Be assured that you had a real impact on the class tonight. If you EVER have any doubt about the value of what you are doing in these seminars, all you will need to do is reread what my students have written.  It is clear that every person in the room was deeply affected by your seminar.  In fact, my challenge now is to keep the rest of the course from being a let-down. I'm sure that we will continue to reflect on your message throughout the rest of the course.

5. From a student at Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA: I am a student and tonight Diann gave our class, Forensic Accounting, Dana Hermanson, the Taking The Harder Right seminar. I have had many seminars, and I must say this not only had me glued to my seat; I wanted it to go on and on. Diann is an amazing speaker and should literally go to each and every school and tell her story. When our class was over we all just stood there, absolutely amazed at what we had just heard. I would bet tonight Diann’s compelling story has changed a few students direction in life.

6. From a sponsor at one of the nation’s largest accounting firms: Thank you for providing such thought provoking stories.  Your presentation was very entertaining and hit home.  I'm sure many are leaving thinking about your session and how they can apply it to their own situations - whether from a personal perspective or a mentoring one. Thanks for making our conference such a success! Hope to have you back at future events.

7. Professor Dana Hermanson, Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA:  Oliver's program is truly off the charts (feel free to quote any of this). I have had Oliver and Diann speak to my Forensic Accounting class, and Diann has spoken to the Cox Family Enterprise Center Forum group as well.  Their message is incredibly powerful, and my students have been deeply affected.  The program is unlike anything I have ever seen.  I greatly appreciate their willingness to support Kennesaw State University's efforts to promote fraud awareness and strong ethics.

8. From a participant at a fraud prevention program: We really did appreciate you taking the time to do this session for us.  With the current lending environment, the topic is all the more pertinent.  We enjoyed your original presentation at last year's conference and this one was even better.  I would definitely recommend your program to anyone looking for an ethics presentation.


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