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Seminar Structure

The seminar’s basic structure is presented in three phases with Oliver Halle presenting and facilitating the event followed by interactive case study presentations. The final phase provides for the company to present from human resources, general counsel, internal controls, or executive management.  Our goal is to partner with your organization as an adjunct to emphasize the strong messages required for an effective ethics program. Each seminar can be tailored to meet a company’s individual needs.

Phase I – Moderator

Oliver G. Halle was an FBI agent for twenty-eight years with most of his career spent working organized crime and corruption.  While at the FBI Halle was a certified legal instructor and adviser and trained by the FBI to teach ethics.  He has seen first-hand good people choose the easier wrong when confronted with choices.  Many bad choices are the result of personal problems such as divorce, costly medical conditions, loss of family income, upcoming expenses such as college tuitions, and much more.   Halle will ensure the specific needs and company objectives are met by facilitating the seminar and drawing parallels to your organization from the hundreds of cases he has worked.

Phase II – Interactive Case Studies

The FBI has long used case studies as a learning experience in its training programs and has effectively woven white-collar felons into these presentations.  This strategy touches the participant, stimulates an introspective environment and emphasizes reality. Halle has taken his training experience and tailored it to fit the private sector.

Most business professionals have never knowingly met or talked with a convicted felon. Their stories are often portrayed in the media as nothing more than evil, greedy and deceitful individuals, far removed from the mainstream. This is a very incomplete and naïve view as this seminar and presenters will demonstrate. In truth, many white-collar felons are the people we find throughout corporate America and TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar brings this to light.  The presenters worked in different sectors of the business world and although their personal and professional experiences that got them into trouble are unique, they share common denominators such as education, strong family backgrounds, and solid moral and ethical moorings.

Phase III – The Company Perspective

TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar main objective is to partner with your organization to articulate and enforce company specific codes of conduct, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and deliver a strong message that is required for an effective ethics program that will subsequently impact your bottom line.

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