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A Fed and Three Felons . . .

Oliver G. HalleOliver G. Halle
Oliver spent 28 years with the FBI as a special agent before retiring in August 2003.  He was trained and certified by the FBI as a legal advisor and ethics instructor. His career included working organized crime in New York City and public corruption investigations for 17 years in the Atlanta division.  He is a graduate of Elon College, The University of North Carolina School of Law (Juris Doctor) and New York University School of Law (Master of Laws).  Oliver was a commissioned naval officer and served on the cruiser USS SPRINGFIELD.  He was also an officer-in-charge of a Swift Boat in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V for meritorious action.  Of the many professional memberships Oliver has, the most distinguished is the  New York City Police Department Honor Legion.  This select  group appointed him for his role in the FBI/NYPD investigation and prosecution of the hierarchy of the Columbo organized crime  family.

Oliver has had television appearances on "60 Minutes" with Ed Bradley, "The FBI Untold Stories" and "Women in the Mafia", all in connection with his work on the Columbo case.  He was also profiled in the book, "Mob Girl" by Pulitzer Prize winning author Theresa Carpenter.

One of the most striking things that Oliver observed in working white collar corruption cases was how good, decent, honest, moral and ethical people were getting into trouble.  These were people who attended college with you, are your next door neighbor, with whom you share an office or cubicle, who are fellow civic club members and otherwise look and live just like you.  TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar is designed to provide audience identification so that the participants in the program can literally see themselves.  The seminars talk about unforeseen choices that people can be faced with that may lead them to take the easier wrong instead of the harder right.  Corporations will benefit from the seminars because their employees will be made aware of situations that they never could have imagined could happen to them.  In addition the seminars provide ethics training required under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  Lastly, our program is designed to improve the bottom line of businesses through passive income, money that otherwise would have gone out the door will stay with the company. 

TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT seminar is reality based training designed to do more than just comply with mandatory ethics training.  It will actually have a deterrent impact that will not only save money but also prevent the loss of a company’s reputation resulting from serious misconduct.

Diann Cattani
Neither white-collar crime nor the consequences are discriminating.  Diann Cattani left behind a 6 week old son and 2 young daughters to serve an 18 month federal prison sentence. She had a meritorious career as business manager, consultant/facilitator for a successful family owned boutique Human Resources consulting firm where she was treated as “family”. She embezzled over $400,000 from the very people who treated her as ”family” and left a trail of victims and destruction in the wake of her crime.

Diann grew up in a conservative, religious, family oriented home where a strong sense of morals and  deep values were instilled through daily example. She was an honor student  and all-american athlete; Diann was recruited to play volleyball by several colleges ultimately deciding on attending Brigham Young University where she received an athletic scholarship and worked towards degrees in Business Management and Psychology.  Nothing in Diann’s life resonated with her being capable of such duplicity and  betrayal. From all outward appearances Diann had everything going for her and nothing in her life or future indicated a potential weakness to the  insidiousness of temptations; but everything is not as it appears.

Josh Kenyon
He received his BA Degree, cum laude, from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a triple major in Spanish, History and Ibero-American Studies in 1989. While at SMU, he participated in the semester abroad program in Madrid, Spain. In 1988, he was named the first alternate from the State of Rhode Island in the national Harry S Truman Scholarship Program for students intending to pursue a career in public service.

Josh received his JD degree from Pepperdine University School of Law in 1992. While at Pepperdine he met and married his former wife, also a law student. They moved to Atlanta upon graduating in 1992 and were both admitted to the Georgia Bar in October of that year.

Josh served as the chief of staff to the commission chairman of the largest county in Georgia.  He developed a professional relationship with Oliver Halle when he reported an attempt to bribe him.  That case was successfully prosecuted, and Josh continued to provide helpful information to the FBI.  Several years later the tables turned and Josh found himself as a defendant in a bribery scheme.   His story is riveting and compelling with a powerful surprise that he and Oliver reveal during their presentations. 

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