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“Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never to  be content with a half truth when the whole truth can be won.”
  From the Cadet Prayer, United States Military Academy, West Point

Oliver G. Halle & Associates, Inc.


“Taking The Harder Right”
A fraud prevention, ethical-awareness Corporate training program.

  • According to the certified fraud examiners a company loses an average of 6% of its revenue to employee theft each year.
  • How much money is your company losing to employee theft?
  • To what degree will your company’s reputation and potential earnings suffer when an employee gets caught?

There will always be dishonest people, but it is possible to deter employees from misconduct and build a culture of honesty and integrity. All too frequently, even honest people are confronted with moral and ethical dilemmas they do not anticipate or recognize; the consequences can be catastrophic to both employee and employer.

TAKING THE HARDER RIGHT is designed to not only prevent losses in revenue, but to encourage and if necessary “scare” employees into choosing the moral high ground.

Learn more about the strategies we’ve incorporated to reach individuals at an internal level and change the way they view their role in the company’s overall values.

Contact Oliver Halle at Oliver@CorporateScaredStraight.com or  770-321-2778


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